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Updated: 2 hours 20 min ago

Los Angeles police 'wanted Amazon Ring BLM protest footage'

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 17:34
A privacy group says Los Angeles police asked users of the smart home system to share footage with them.

Apple revamps syringe emoji for Covid vaccines

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 14:36
The syringe icon used to be for blood donation - but Apple is now removing the blood drops.

Reddit removed 6% of all posts made last year

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 14:02
Over 200 million pieces of content were taken down from the site in total.

Pete Evans: Instagram ban for Australian chef over conspiracy theories

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 11:33
The Australian celebrity chef had already been taken off Facebook for his posts about the coronavirus.

ZoomOut: Waving goodbye to awkward video call endings

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 00:13
ZoomOut, a device which ends a video call at the pull of a cord has been developed.

'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic'

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 00:11
Email app Hey reveals that two-thirds of the messages it handles contain the hidden trackers.

'Most healthcare apps not up to NHS standards'

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 16:07
A firm which reviews apps for several NHS trusts says 80% do not meet its standards.

AI used to 'predict the next coronavirus'

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 16:01
Scientists use AI to tackle the puzzle of where a new coronavirus could emerge.

Bitcoin hits new record of $50,000

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 15:15
The digital currency has gained 72% so far in a volatile 2021.

TikTok breaching users' rights - European Consumer Organisation

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 15:09
The European Consumer Organisation is urging authorities to take action against the platform.

Covid-19: Nearly 4,000 Amazon staff given wrong test results

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 13:57
Private tests shared with NHS Test and Trace leads to workers being wrongly told to self-isolate.

Gumtree Shpock tie-up could raise fees and reduce choice, warns watchdog

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 12:57
Competition watchdog fears sale of marketplace Gumtree by eBay to owner of Shpock could raise prices.

North Korea accused of hacking Pfizer for Covid-19 vaccine data

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 11:25
It is unclear as to what, if any, data was stolen, according to South Korea's intelligence agency.

What happened to Anthem? The blockbuster game that failed to find a community

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 06:21
BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue looks at what went wrong with the gaming flop Anthem.

Engineer creates robotic glove to help strengthen grip

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 05:59
An engineer came up with the idea after seeing his aunt, who has multiple sclerosis, struggle with tasks.

Amazon vs Reliance: Why are two of the world's richest men in court?

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 03:30
A tussle over an Indian grocery store pits Amazon and Reliance against each other in court.

Full-face hot-wax TikTok videos prompt warnings

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 00:20
Skin experts raise health-and-safety concerns about the videos, which do not carry a warning.

The hypercar maker who was told to give up his dream

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 00:04
Mate Rimac struggled to get anyone to believe that cutting edge sportscars could be made in Croatia.

Fake Amazon reviews 'being sold in bulk' online

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 00:02
A Which? investigation found 10 sites offering fake Amazon Marketplace reviews from as little as £5 each.

Parler app back online after month-long gap

Mon, 02/15/2021 - 18:33
The right-leaning social network was banned by Amazon, Apple and Google in January.