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Updated: 24 min 23 sec ago

BA passengers face delays after 'technical issue'

2 hours 33 min ago
The airline is booking passengers into hotels after some were stuck for up to 10 hours.

The people with voices that tech needs to recognise

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 21:07
Project Understood aims to improve voice recognition software for users with Down's syndrome.

Huawei: US grants more exemptions to Chinese phone ban

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 20:27
The ban meant that Huawei's latest smartphones launched without many of the typical apps.

England boss Gareth Southgate reveals high-tech tips

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 18:10
Gareth Southgate says analysis of data has changed how his team trains - including for penalties.

Iran's internet blackout reaches four-day mark

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 15:28
Almost all internet connectivity in the country has been switched off since Saturday.

Molly Russell: Coroner demands social media firms turn over account data

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 13:51
Social media firms must provide data from the accounts of a teenager who killed herself, a coroner says.

UK gambling machines loaded with AI 'cool off' system

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 11:33
Software designed to curtail excessive play has come to all gambling machines in betting shops.

Election debate: Conservatives criticised for renaming Twitter profile 'factcheckUK'

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 00:45
Twitter said the stunt was misleading to the public and would not be tolerated in future - but did not take any direct action.

Amazon gets closer to getting Alexa everywhere

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 00:21
Alexa chief discusses plans to make the virtual assistant more useful when used outside the home.

Arron Banks' private messages leaked by hacker

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 17:54
The founder of Leave.EU's Twitter account has been breached and messages spanning years leaked.

Snapchat says it will fact-check political ads

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 14:08
The policy distinguishes the platform from other tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

'Rude' robot able to distract gamers

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 13:45
Gamers make fewer rational decisions when faced with insults - even from robots, a study suggests.

Can Valve tempt gamers to try virtual reality?

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 12:57
The game studio is preparing a prequel to its iconic Half-Life title that will be set entirely in VR.

TSB lacked common sense before IT meltdown, says report

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 12:24
Some customers were left without online banking access for several weeks after the problems last year.

New WhatsApp breach: India cyber cell advises update

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 09:25
In a statement, WhatsApp said that it had no reason to believe that users phones were affected.

Scientists create slippery toilet coating that stops poo sticking

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 01:57
Scientists say ultra-slippery toilet coating could save a huge amount of water across the planet.

Why Google Stadia is a 'leap forward' for gaming, according to its boss

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 00:17
The tech giant's boss Phil Harrison believes its new service Stadia is a "leap forward" for gaming.

How China plans to lead the computer chip industry

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 00:05
China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Instagam 'stalker' app Ghosty drops off Google Play Store

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 18:33
The app's removal followed claims by Instagram that it violated the photo-sharing platform's rules.

Thousands flock to Wikipedia founder's 'Facebook rival'

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 17:28
Jimmy Wales says his new social network, WT:Social, now has more than 160,000 members.