Abacus BBS - Abaforum

    David Llamas is the original and sole founder of Abacus BBS (later called Abaforum) and the original and sole project lead for:
  • 1st Telematics Services available in Catalan language of the World (Spring 1986)
  • 1st Online Weather Station of Europe (Winter 1988)
  • 1st Online Invoicing & Credit Card Payment with no Signature Solution of Spain (Winter 1988)
  • 1st Online Real Time Meteosat/Noa Satellite Weather Images of Europe (Summer 1989)
  • 1st BBS available via Iberpac X25 packet switching network of Europe (Summer 1990)
  • 1st Public Switched Telephone Network <-> Iberpac X25 Packet Switching Network Gateway Provider of Spain (Winter 1990)
  • 1st European collaborator of John McAfee, First Commercial Anti-virus of the World (Winter 1990)
  • 1st BBS simultaneously available from Madrid and Barcelona (Winter 1993)
  • 1st Packet Radio BBS - EB3AGO - simultaneously available via radio from Madrid and Barcelona (Winter 1993)
  • 1st Internet Service Provided (Online ISP) of Catalonia, 2nd in Spain (Winter 1993)
  • 1st BBS and Packet Radio BBS available via Telnet / Internet of Europe (Winter 1993)
  • 1st Internet <-> Packet Radio Email / Forwarding Gateway of the World (Spring 1994)